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American & Efird (SA) (Pty) Ltd    

Blankets Aranda Textile Mills  

Aranda Textile Mills (Pty) Ltd    

Various Yarns Associated Spinners  

Associated Spinners (Pty) Ltd    

Aunde TAP (Pty) Ltd    

Filtration Fabrics / Non-Wovens Beier Albany & Company  

Beier Albany & Company    

Yarn and Fabric Berg River Textiles  

Berg River Textiles (Pty) Ltd    

Sewing Threads Bitrim Threads

Knitted Fabrics BMD Textiles

BMD Textiles (Pty) Ltd    

Breathetex (Pty) Ltd    

Brits Textiles (Pty) Ltd    

Coats SA (Pty) Ltd    

Colibri Towelling (Pty) Ltd    

Towels Colibri Towelling (Pty) LTD

Cotton Broker Cotton Commodity Brokers

Cotton Commodity Services    

Furniture and Upholstery Fabrics Court Fabrics

Court Fabrics (Pty) Ltd    

Research and Development CSIR - Textek

CSIR - Textek    

Yarns and Fabrics Da Gama Textile Co

Da Gama Textile Co (Pty) Ltd    

Towels and Toweling Products Dano Textile Industries  

Dano Textile Industries (Pty) Ltd    

Apparel and Textiles David Whitehead & Sons

David Whitehead & Sons (Pty) Ltd    

Denim Fabrics De Nim Textiles  

De Nim Textiles    

Baby Napkins and Towels Dhooges Textiles    

Dyers and Finishers Dyefin Textiles

Dyefin Textiles(Pty) Ltd    

Cotton Yarns Dynasty Textiles  

Coated Fabrics Era Beier Coatings

era beier Coatings (Pty) Ltd    

Fabmaco (Pty) Ltd    

Industrial Fabrics Fibermill SA  

Apparel Fabrics Finitex

Finitex (Pty) Ltd    

Yarns, Apparel Fabrics and Home Textiles Frame Textile Corporation

Frame Textile Group    

Apparel and Speciality Fabrics Gelvenor Textiles

Gelvenor Textiles (Pty) Ltd    

Knitted Fabrics Gregory Knitting Mills  

Gregory Knitting Mills (Pty) Ltd    

Hollow Fibre Inners H and H Fibres  

Hextex (Pty) Ltd    

Polyester Yarns Hoechst SA Ltd - (BUFibres)  

Hosaf Fibres (Pty) Ltd    

Woven Fabrics / Apparel Imran Textiles  

Industex Holdings (Pty) Ltd    

Apparel Labelling and Trimmings International Trimmings (Pty) Ltd

Various Trimmings International Trimmings SA

Knitted Fabrics (Apparel) J M V Textiles

J M V Textiles (Pty) Ltd    

Fabrics / Quilted Products KZN Quilted Products  

KZN Quilted Products (Pty) Ltd    

Le Bergo Fashions (Pty) Ltd    

Denim Fabrics Lien Fu Textile Co  

Lien Fu Textile Co (Pty) Ltd    

Curtaining Loomcraft Fabrics  

Loomcraft Fabrics (Pty) Ltd    

Mediterranean Textile Mills (Pty) Ltd    

Knitted Fabrics / Apparel Migra Textiles  

Migra Textiles (Pty) Ltd    

Dyers and Finishers Millenium Knitters and Dyers  

Mortex Knits (Pty) Ltd    

Knitted Fabrics Ninian & Lester

Ninian & Lester (Pty) Ltd    

Yarns Novel Spinners  

Novel Spinners (Pty) Ltd    

Knitted Apparel Fabrics Paltex 1995

Paltex 1995 (Pty) Ltd    

Cotton Yarns Prilla 2000

Prilla 2000 (Pty) Ltd    

Home Textiles Romatex Home Textiles  

Romatex Home Textiles (Pty) Ltd    

Knitted Apparel Fabrics Rotex Fabrics  

Rotex Fabrics (Pty) Ltd    

Cotton Yarns S A Cotton Spinners  

S A Cotton Spinners (Pty) Ltd    

Polyester and Nylon Yarns S A N S Fibres  

S A N S Fibres (Pty) Ltd    

SA Fine Worsteds (Pty) Ltd    

Yarns - Various Saprotex International

Saprotex International    

Yarns, Apparel Fabrics, Home Textiles SBH Cotton Mills  

SBH Cotton Mills (Pty) Ltd    

Traditional African Fabrics, Scarves and Khangas Silk & Textile Industries  

Silk & Textile Industries (Pty) Ltd    

Yarns Spintex  

Spintex (Pty) Ltd    

Interlinings Stroud Riley  

Stroud Riley (Pty) Ltd    

Apparel, Traditional Fabrics, Home Textiles Suntex

Suntex (Pty) Ltd    

Yarns - Various Table Bay Spinners  

Table Bay Spinners (Pty) Ltd    

Knitted Fabrics Team Puma

Team Puma    

Linings, Household Textiles Toga Linings  

Toga Linings (Pty) Ltd    

Trade Link Industries (Pty) Ltd    

Spinners, Dyers and Knitters Trade Link Spinning  

Various Yarns Union Spinning Mills

Union Spinning Mills (Pty) Ltd    

Lace Edgings and Insertions Universal Lace & Fabric Mills  

Universal Lace & Fabric Mills (Pty) Ltd    

Waltex Carpets (Pty) Ltd    

Western Province Yarn Dyers    

Worsted Fabrics Wooltextile Manufacturers  

Wooltextile Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd    

Various Yarns Yarntex

Yarntex (Pty) Ltd    


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