Formed in 1975, the Textile Federation (Texfed) acts as the voice and spokesman for its members on key industry issues. Its main focus areas are trade matters and legislative changes that affect the industry. Separate structures have been created to deal with labour and bargaining issues.

The Textile Federation is comprised of five Constituent Trade Associations namely:
  • The South African Cotton Textile Manufacturers’ Association (SACTMA);
  • The South African Worsted Manufacturers’ Trade Association (SAWMTA);
  • The National Fabric Knitters’ Trade Association (NFKTA);
  • The South African Technical Textile Manufacturers’ Association (SATTMA);
  • The Fibre Group.
    (see ASSOCIATIONS for more details)

Texfed represents the full complement of cotton, wool and worsted yarn and woven fabric textile manufacturers and about 70% of the fabric knitting mills in South Africa. Texfed has played a major role in dealing and influencing the many issues that have affected the industry both nationally and internationally over the past 30 years. It is the principal link between the textile industry and the various government agencies and departments and other local and international trade associations and organisations. Its activities have resulted in the maintenance of a strong and resilient industry in the face of recurrent and ever increasing threats from imports from low cost producers and the onslaught from different areas of the textile world.

Whatever has already been accomplished is due to a sound, dedicated and involved leadership, exemplary teamwork and active membership support. This should place the Federation and the textile industry in a good position to counter the increasing level of threat from abroad and continue to safeguard the welfare of the industry itself.